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The Bell Shoals Library Media Center, located just behind the Chapel is an excellent resource where you can find God-honoring books, videos and DVDs for all ages.  BSBA's online catalog,, is available to search and renew books after creating a login and password. 

Jennifer Boucher
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Accelerated Reader Program
Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a voluntary online reading incentive program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade designed to motivate students to read.  Your student will receive a username and password for their AR account.  The Renaissance Home Connect program, allows parents to stay in touch with their child’s AR progress. 

Students read books, take online comprehension tests and earn points to reach a Point Club (5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, etc).  Each Point Club receives different incentives at the end of each quarter.  Only books during the current nine-week session count toward a student’s point goal for that quarter and the online tests must be taken on the Library Media Center or classroom computers. 

Books are assigned a grade level and point value by the AR company.  Students may read and take a test on any book, as long as it is no more than one grade level behind their current grade level.   All AR books in our library are marked by a colored grade level sticker and the points available to be earned.  

You may search our catalog at to see AR books that we have available. You can also search to see if books you have at home or from the public library have AR tests available, and the grade levels of these books.  BSBA reserves the right to only activate the tests for books that we find appropriate and God-honoring. We will not activate a test for a book that we choose not to carry in our library.

Summer Library Hours & Reading Lists 
Summer Library Hours      

The library summer hours will be posted soon.

         SUMMER HOURS: Coming soon!

Summer Reading Lists (required)

Reading over the summer is important in combating the summer cumulative skill loss, when students can lose up to three months of skills.  BSBA keeps our students on track academically with required summer reading.  Please print out the requirements for your child’s grade and complete them before school begins in August.

summer reading activities

kindergarten - 3rd grade

4th - 5th grade




Additional Reading Resources 

Additional Reading Resources 



Copyright, Fair Use, and Digital Citizenship Resources
 (The Source for Learning, Inc., 2018)–includes links to reviewed websites offering information on a variety of topics for our teachers, parents and students. Topics include copyright and fair use, plagiarism, citing sources/writing a bibliography, cyber safety and information literacy in the 21st century-effectively searching and evaluating information. Search the terms “Copyright” or “Digital Citizenship.”

            Hillsborough County Public Schools (Adapted from Common Sense Media by Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2018)- An excellent resource for understanding digital citizenship. Includes information on these and other topics: online safety, privacy and security, communication, cyberbullying, information literacy, creative credit and copyright and social media use.