Profile of a Graduate

Vision for our Learners
A Statement of School Wide Learning Expectations


  1. Develops an understanding and commitment to their relationship with Christ while continuing to grow spiritually
  • Comprehends the Bible, salvation and is capable of sharing their faith with others. of salvation.
  • Comprehends the importance and consistency of having person devotions, prayer and Bible study.
  • Comprehends and seeks spiritual maturity while increasing a relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • Comprehends the value of regular church attendance.
  • Accepts Christ as his/her personal savior.
  1. Comprehends and communicates a Biblical World-view
  • Applies their Biblical World View to their daily decisions
  • Communicates the difference between Christianity and other world views.
  • Integrates Biblical principles and values into life’s situations, while defending their faith.
  1. Prepares a life of service with both missions and local community
  • Serves as a leader within the body of Christ by sharing the gifts that God has given them.
  • Utilizes their gifts to serve others through missions and community service
  • Understands their purpose in serving others using their spiritual gifts, personal strengths and talents
  • Becomes a lifelong learner - emotionally, academically, intellectually, as well as spiritually
  1. Demonstrates moral integrity, righteous living and stewardship
  • Values and defends the right to life
  • Upholds biblical standards, personal, and financial decisions
  • Maintains responsible reputation in their local community
  1. Relates lovingly to others as God loves us
  • Can articulate that we are created in the image of God
  • Values the uniqueness in others while working groups
  • Understanding and appreciates people of different cultures
  1. Achieves a strong academic foundation in all content areas
  • Exhibits higher order thinking strategies to solve real world problems
  • Is able to access a variety of technology and information resources – effectively and appropriately
  • Creatively expresses themselves through arts, literature, and writing