Apple Distinguished School

Bell Shoals Academy is proud to be selected as an Apple Distinguished School. Apple describes these schools as centers of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate a vision for learning with technology.  

This recognition puts our academy within a small group of schools considered by Apple to be at the forefront of innovation around the world. This integration of technology in the classroom is an essential learning strategy for upcoming generations, as our culture continues to expand its use of technology. 

This designation also recognizes our teachers as transformative educators in the industry. Their training has placed them in the Apple Education Community accompanied by some of the best educators across the globe. Our teachers will leverage learning tools like iPads and interactive smart boards to engage students in a stimulating and dynamic learning environment. 

As an Apple Distinguished School, we will continue to utilize the technology tools available in the marketplace in an appropriate and balanced manner. We are committed to implementing technology in moderation and in a safe environment in order to provide an unrivaled Christ-centered education. We believe this distinction reinforces the fact that Bell Shoals Academy will continue to be an educational leader in our community on all fronts.

Technology in the Classroom

Bell Shoals Academy desires to provide the best educational tools possible for our students. As part of this effort Bell Shoals has invested in the use of technology in the classroom as a larger part of student learning. Through our research, we have decided that the Apple iPad is the best device to meet the needs of our students and teachers.

Incorporating technology into innovative learning is a priority at Bell Shoals Academy.  We understand the importance of equipping our next generation with an educational excellence that demonstrates a vision for learning with technology.  

Students in grades Kindergarten-8th grade are equipped with a one-to-one apple ipad device.  Classrooms feature BenQ Boards that encourage hands on student engagement. 

Bell Shoals Academy Mitigation Plan for Remote Learning

Bell Shoals Academy has implemented a new mitigation plan that allows students to continue learning in circumstances where the school needs to be closed due to severe weather or where the student is forced to stay home for an extended period of time due to health issues.  Since a 100% of our students have access to an iPad in school and our Apple teachers have experience in using the Apple learning tools and IXL, we no longer have to hit pause on learning. We now have the ability to shift seamlessly to remote learning and keep our students engaged academically under those unanticipated situations. This mitigation plan is intended only for unforeseen emergency situations and must be approved by the school administration.

Technology Highlights:
  • Apple Distinguished School
  • Teachers are Apple Certified
  • One-to-one iPad for grades Kindergarten-8th
  • BinQ Boards in classrooms
  • Apple Certified Teachers
  • IXL Diagnostic Tool
  • STEM Class